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UPS - Helping to prove Duty of Care

What better way can there be to proving attention to ‘Duty of Care’ than a thorough and expert survey of your swimming pool tank? UPS’ diving teams provide written reports and photographs constantly, which help pre-empt and prevent health and safety issues, pool closures and possible litigation.

With a complete understanding of current regulations, UPS divers can soon spot anything untoward, including incorrect step dimensions, inappropriate slot patterns in grid fixings, delaminating or cracked tiles, sharp edges caused by grout loss or badly cut tiles and deteriorating expansion joints. The UPS team will also tell you if the repairs can be made underwater and overnight, leaving the pool in full commercial use, or whether you need to start planning for a convenient shut-down period, for more extensive repairs.

UPS survey findings provide you with all the details you require to know precisely what is happening in your pool tank, providing tangible proof that Duty of Care is being fully implemented.

UPS – Specialist Pool Condition Consultancy

When supplying design, materials and labour, UPS prides itself on its materials knowledge and practical ability … but it has another commodity on offer, that being, “Consultancy.”

Technical Service Departments, Directors of Leisure and Architects call upon the expertise of Clifford Crank, UPS’ Managing Director, when needing advice on technical matters concerning pools and their surroundings. The accumulated experience of twenty-plus years, in which he has overseen UPS - as they have surveyed, repaired and refurbished literally hundreds of swimming and hydrotherapy pools - has made Clifford an expert in all technical aspects concerning pool structures. So much so, that his company UPS, is now the obvious choice of professionals for specialist pool consultancy.

Typical of the problems for which Clifford is asked to help provide solutions, are: disputes over failed pools; health and safety aspects; matters of duty of care and whether a pool is sound enough to warrant further investment. Then there are requirements where, for instance, an independent report is required on screeding, tile delamination or water loss, along with advice on curative measures.

Large hotel chains with properties abroad, appreciate the convenience of being able to send a knowledgeable pool specialist out to report on the condition of their many pools and to provide a written report to be used for heath and safety and maintenance planning purposes.